Power to quiet people


While most people envision extroverts as ideal leaders, introverts are also capable of holding leadership positions. Many influential leaders have used their introverted personalities to help them succeed.

Candace Jarzombek, Author

In our world today, a perfect leader is generally seen as outgoing, talkative and great with people. While these extroverts make good executives, introverts have their strengths as well.

Although extroverts are usually the better speakers, introverts tend to be good at having one-on-one conversations and listening to others’ perspectives. Introverts like to think before they speak, which helps them to take all views into consideration when solving a problem.

Introverts can also bring a sense of calm to a group. Their organization and ability to keep their cool influence a team’s dynamic and make it much easier to work together.

About 40 percent of CEOs describe themselves as introverts, contrary to most people’s beliefs.

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Yahoo (Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3032028/the-future-of-work/7-famous-leaders-who-prove-introverts-can-be-wildly-successful). Before overlooking introverts for leadership positions, their unique strengths should be taken into consideration.