Girls tennis scrimmage and Easter basket exchange


The contents of one of the easter baskets exchanged included a stuffed animal and a box of candy. The baskets were exchanged before the scrimmage.

Jeannine Toth, Author

In preparation for the upcoming first match of the season, the girls tennis team held an inner-team scrimmage on Saturday, April 4.

“I thought [the scrimmage] was a lot of fun, and it really prepared us for the season because we got to feel the nerves of a real match and feel the pressure of having to know that you have to do your best or else you could get put in a different spot,” Anna Wachowski (10) said.

The team also celebrated Easter by bringing each other baskets as a form of team bonding.

“I think [the Easter baskets] were really cute. They are nice because we are all fighting for a spot, but in the end, we are all a team. We all still love each other. It’s all about being with your team and cheering them on during matches, and that helped bring us together,” Navneet Kaur (12) said.

The goal of the scrimmage was to not only bring unity to the team, but also to provide new players experience with how matches are set up.

“I think the scrimmage was very competitive, more than it has been for the past couple years.  I think everyone was very focused and wanted to prove something to the coaches.  It helps the coaches figure out what they are looking for, and it showed how competitive everyone is and how dedicated they are for positions,” Kaur said.