Low temperatures, high scores


Team members from the infield high-five each other. During the last inning, the girls successfully prevented their opponent from running the bases.

Emily Lisac, Author

On the chilly afternoon of April 3, fans cheered for the varsity softball team as a fierce pitch was thrown and the last strike was called. The Indians ended up victorious against Highland with an end score of 9-0.

“I thought we played pretty well on Friday. We were in a situation where we needed to get a win because we have tied and lost our first two games. The girls responded really well by jumping out early on a Sectional opponent,” Coach Jeff Sherman, Math, said.

With the setting sun came the wind and below freezing temperatures. But despite the cold weather the girls fought hard to get the win.

“Most of these girls are used to playing in the cold because half of our season ends up being in cold weather. I think they do a good job on not letting the weather bother them, and they just play,” Coach Sherman said.

Different methods of preparation can take place before a game. Sometimes it is better to let everyone practice on their own before running onto the field.

“I try to stay away from [the girls before the games]. I get on their case [during practice], and I talk to them enough during the game. Sometimes, before the game, they need time by themselves to not have me nagging at them,” Coach Sherman said.