Lollapalooza craze


Lollapalooza will be held in Grant Park, Chicago this summer. The festival has been booked to begin Friday, July 31, and end Sunday, Aug. 2.

Erin Dosen, Author

The time has finally passed to buy the widely-popular Chicago Lollapalooza tickets. The tickets went on sale March 24, at 10:00 a.m., and there were two types of tickets open for purchase: one-day passes and three-day passes.

The first tickets that were available to buy were the “Early Bird” tickets, which were three-day passes at a discount of $250. The normal three-day passes were $275. It is rare for a person to successfully make it past the standby page, which makes buying these tickets a difficult task.

“[The tickets] are not easy to get. I was really nervous about getting the tickets, but I ended up getting really lucky. I had a computer, three iPads, and two iPhones set up on the homepage to get tickets. I ended up getting through on one of the iPads four different times,” Daniel Sanchez (12) said.

It is common for people to buy several extra tickets, if possible, to sell for profit.

“I bought a few extra tickets and sold them for more money than I paid for them. I ended up getting back enough money to pay for my own ticket. I basically got my ticket for free,” Sanchez said.

All of the three-day passes for Lollapalooza sold out in 30 minutes. One-day passes went on sale the following day.