Walk the Moon helps Chicago “Shut Up and Dance”


Walk the Moon sings “Different Colors” while onstage at the House of Blues in Chicago, Ill. The band opened with this song.

Anastasia Papanikolaou, Author

Ohio-native band Walk the Moon packed The House of Blues Chicago for their Talking is Hard tour on April 4.

After much anticipated waiting (over two hours for fans that got there before the doors opened), the show began at 8:30 p.m. with an Australian group, The Griswolds. The Griswolds set the mood with a great performance. The only way the whole night would have been better would be if I knew more of The Griswolds’ music.

Finally, after a 45-minute break between performances, Walk the Moon began. They started with “Different Colors,” which was a great start to the show. They played more of my personal favorites such as “Avalanche”, “Portugal” and “Aquaman”. My favorite part, apparently a ritual at all Walk the Moon concerts, was when all of members of the audience were asked to let go of their worries and help sing one of their first songs, “I Can Lift a Car”. The band sang old and new favorites for all of their fans, closing with their most popular single, “Shut Up and Dance”.

Walk the Moon, with a little help from The Griswolds, put on a truly amazing performance for everyone who attended.