Q&A: Mrs. Underwood


Mrs. Rachel Underwood, Social Studies, draws an MC curve which is used in economics. Her students have been learning about different graphs that might be featured in questions at the Econ Challenge.

Hannah Bryner

Q: What is the Econ Challenge?

A: The Econ Challenge takes place in every state and is a part of the National Council for Economic Education, and [our school] is obviously participating in the one in Indiana. There are a few divisional sites throughout the states, and we are participating in the one in Mishawaka. Basically, it is a quiz bowl-style competition where you basically go up against students from other schools, and we compete in three categories: microeconomics, macroeconomics and current events and trade policy.

Q: How many teams do you have participating this year?

A: We have four teams this year. Each team has around three or four students in each, so we have around 15 kids total.

Q: What students normally participate?

A: Students from any level of economics can participate. In the past we have had kids from regular econ, AP Macro and AP Micro. This year with the turnout of kids, and since I have more classes of AP, all four teams are from AP Micro and AP Macro.

Q: What kind of questions are asked?
A: The questions at the competition are similar to the ones asked on the AP multiple choice test on Macro and Micro Econ. Students who participate also get great practice for the test.

Q:What is the best preparation for the students?

A: I tell students that the best way to prepare is [to study as] if they were preparing for the AP test. So, they should study their book notes and their supplemental study books [and also take] practice AP tests.