Seniors get sentimental


Graduation is right within reach. Counselors started to call down seniors to ensure they had enough credits to graduate, see what their plans were for after school and give them a file of their past work.

Cat Cearing, Author

As the end of the school year draws nearer, so does the end of the senior class’s high school run. With graduation within reach, the guidance counselors have begun one-on-one exit interviews with each member of the senior class.

“My counselor is [Mrs. Bowman, Guidance,] and she asked me what my plans were for after high school. I told her my plans, which are that I’ve decided not to go to college. She was really accepting and made sure that even if those were my plans that I should still do FAFSA and apply. During the exit interview she listened to me ramble about my dreams and how I plan to run my own business and work towards that. She was really happy for me, and she told me if I need anything to contact her and to stay in contact,” Angelina Kapetanov (12) said.

At the end of the meeting, each student is given a file of their work from their time with the school corporation. For many students, this dates back as far as kindergarten or preschool.

“I thought it was super cute [seeing my old work]. It’s interesting looking back on past work and seeing how far I’ve come. I enjoy knowing that there’s a little memento you get at the end of your journey,” Nicole Boulazeris (12) said.