Q&A: Paige Carter (11)


Paige Carter (11) is up to bat at a past softball game against Highland. Carter has been playing softball since she was four years old.

Emma Ritchie, Author

Q: What are your expectations for this year’s season of varsity softball?

“Some of my expectations are to win Sectionals and win DAC conference and get 20 wins because for 10 years in a row we have gotten 20 wins.”

A: How do you balance your academics and sports?

“I make sure I study on the roads to games, and I make sure I use my time wisely in study hall.”

Q: What made you decide to play softball?

“I’ve been playing since I was four years old, and my mom just pushed me to always be the best, so I stuck with the sport. Also my mom played, so she wanted me to play it too.”

A: Do your plans in the future include softball?

“Yes, I am going to Western Kentucky University for an academic and softball scholarship. I’m looking forward to playing all of the big-name schools in the future.”