Seniors anticipate exclusive dance


A group of senior girls dance together at last year’s Senior Banquet. The seniors of 2015 have planned to follow tradition by going together in friend groups and dressing in unique costumes with those among their group.

Jillian Wilschke, Author

The class of 2015 has worked hard for the past four years, and the reality of graduation is fast approaching. Following tradition, on April 17, the current seniors will gather together at the Villa Cesare banquet hall for their exclusive dance, which is known as Senior Banquet.

“I’m going because it is a tradition. I grew up thinking [that] when you’re a senior, you go to Senior Banquet and dress up with all your friends, and it seems so cool,” Kylie Shoemake (12) said.

This year, there was an increase of ticket sales for Senior Banquet compared to last year. Some seniors are choosing to forgo the celebration since Prom is after Senior Banquet, when in the past Prom has traditionally taken place before.

“[My friends are] all going to Prom, so we don’t really have to do Senior Banquet,” Maria Bushey (12) said.

Seniors who are attending the dance do not have to buy fancy dresses or arrive with a date. Friend groups arrive dressed together in creative costumes.

“I am going with my best friend Madison [Schroeder (12)] and we’re being poodle-skirt girls. [We chose that outfit] because we both could not agree on an idea so we just said, ‘Let’s be that.’ We just have to buy shoes. That’s the only thing we haven’t bought, but our costumes came in, and they look good,” Shoemake said.

With one week left to prepare for the dance, many students are finalizing their plans and costumes.

“I think it is kind of awkward [that the dance is earlier], but it breaks up April and makes me look forward to something. Prom is a month away, so I’m actually really excited it is earlier,” Shoemake said.