Q&A: Stephanie Sanders (11)


Julia Beggs (12), Kylie Shoemake (12), Allison Onest (11), Alexis Miestowski (9), and Stephanie Sanders (11) are at the battle ground golf course. The girls won the summer tournament.

Hannah Pratt, Author

Q: How long have you been golfing for?

A: “I started lessons over the summer in 6th grade, and I didn’t golf other than that until freshman year when I joined the team. Now I golf almost everyday.”

Q: What made you want to start golfing?

A: “I wanted to start golfing because my great grandpa always wanted me to because he did. He was really good at it, and [he] thought I would be too.”

Q: What skills does golfing teach you?

A: “Golfing teaches me patience.”

Q: What do you love about golfing?

A: “I just like going out and playing the game. I will also like going out and playing and trying to get a lower score! I really like the scenery and the sounds of animals too.”

Q: How far do you plan on taking your golf career?

A: “I want to play golf in college, and I would just play for fun after.”