Healthy convenience


Alexander Bielawski (11) serves himself in the new, healthy lunch line. The two lunch lines have offered students a healthier option by giving them the opportunity to serve themselves.

Sara Lisac, Author

Recently, two new lunch lines have made their way into the cafeteria. Similar to the original healthy lunch line, the lines carry healthier foods, like salads and soups, but now students are able to serve themselves.

“The line moves a lot quicker and you just serve yourself. I enjoyed the line when they served me, but now it’s even better because I can do it myself. I put what I want on there, [and] I grab it and go,” Nicholas Kiepura (12) said.

The self-serve lunch lines offer different fixings for salads and sandwiches like lunch meats, vegetables and dressings. Many students have been enjoying the variety that the lines offer.

“[The new lunch lines] are convenient and nice. Some of the serving sizes [in the new lunch lines] are already made for you, which is nice. I think there are lots of options for different salads and different kinds of sandwiches. I like the chicken salad the best,” Rachel Jensen (12) said.

Now, with a self-serve lunch line on both sides of the cafeteria, students have better access to healthier lunch options.

“I love that they have two lines now because I was always on the opposite side of the healthy line, and the fact of having to walk all the way over there would just deter me from going. It’s a lot more convenient having [lines] on both sides. I definitely like the healthier option a lot more because I feel better about what I’m eating and putting into my body,” Tess Ruzga (12) said.