Q&A: Debra Hayes (10)


“The Vampire Diaries” is in its sixth season of the series, but the CW isn’t the only place fans can see the actors from the show. Debra Hayes (10) was able to meet some of the cast at a convention for the show in Chicago.

Cassidy Niewiadomski, Author

Q: How did you get tickets for “The Vampire Diaries” convention?

A: I found out about [the convention] because someone I knew went to one in Atlanta, and she told me about it. Then I found the website, and I got tickets for it.

Q: How was the event organized?

A: [‘The Vampire Diaries’] cast was there, and they give you interviews at the booth. Then you get to take pictures with them, get autographs, and you can meet them too.

Q: What was it like meeting the cast?

A: I’ve liked [the actors] for a while now because I’ve known the show for a while, so it was actually really exciting. I got a picture with all of them and autographs. I met [Ian Somerhalder] three times, so that was more interesting. I got a picture with him. Then I got a picture with him and the other character together, and then he signed autographs [for me]. We didn’t have that much time. It was really rushed because they are the most popular, so they had a lot of people [waiting to meet them]. He just said random things, and I tried to answer without freaking out.

Q: How was the experience of meeting someone famous for the first time?

A: I liked everything because they kept you interested the whole time, and you were always doing something. The only part I didn’t like was there were so many lines, which makes sense because there were a lot of people.

Q: What was your reaction when you saw the actors?

A: I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to get nervous. When I got up there, and I started talking to them, I started freaking out. I pretty much forgot everything I was saying. It was nerve-racking, but it was fun.

Q: What was it like seeing the actors out of character?

A: It was definitely weird because I really love [Somerhalder’s] character and how he plays it, but I’ve seen interviews with him in person. I know what he stands for, so he said some of the things I knew he would. I was mostly ready for it, but it was weird. His character can be sarcastic and a jerk, and he’s not. He’s the opposite.