Grand slam game


Assistant coach Brett Summers gives advice to starting pitcher Matthew Litwicki (10). Litwicki pitched every inning except for the last.

Jacki Hoffman, Author

It was a cold afternoon on April 24, but that did not stop the Lake Central Varsity baseball team from winning the game against Michigan City with a 9-0 lead.

“We played very well, we had good pitching and good hitting. We ran the bases well, [and] we played good defense. It was an overall good game,” Bryan Vanderlee (12) said.

The players prepared for the game with more motivation than usual. They practiced hard following a loss last week against Valparaiso’s varsity team.

“Coming off a tough loss on Monday against Valpo, we prepared during practice to work on everything we needed to, like running the bases and hitting,” Vanderlee said.

The team focused on certain parts of the game to prepare. They mainly practiced basic skills that could help their playing overall.

“We practiced a lot of base running and hitting because that’s where we struggle the most,” Vanderlee said.

Practice paid off in the end for the LC baseball team. Players felt they helped with the overall playing for their team.

“In the outcome we won 9-0, so I would say that we all believe that the practices helped us with our playing,” Vanderlee said.

Practices also gave the players a little more confidence with their plays. Players knew they were going to try their best, and use what they had to the best of their ability.

“We had confidence coming into the game, because we knew we were going out there with a good pitcher on the mound. Knowing that we can make plays because of all the practice we did, and we had home field advantage,” said Vanderlee.