The many ways to give back


Brandi Krolak, English, volunteers to donate blood. Krolak is a returning donor.

Veronica Davis, Author

Lake Central held their semi-annual Blood Drive on Friday, April 24, in the gym for all students, teachers and staff; some who donated were returning donors, while others were first-timers.

“[I decided to donate blood] because of how much it could help other people. I decided if I go my whole life saying, ‘I can’t donate blood because I’ll get sick,’ I’ll never know, so I decided to try it and if successful, I could help people for the rest of my life,” Nicholas Kiepura (12) said.

Although it was for a good cause, some students were nervous about donating blood.

“Giving blood wasn’t bad. It was my first time donating, but the nurses were really nice to me, and it really didn’t hurt that much. It wasn’t that bad, pain-wise, and it was a good experience overall,” Brendan Kelly (12) said.

Some donors to the Blood Drive were returning students, as well.

“I’ve [donated] last year. Both times and I wanted to do it again because I like doing this. It helps a lot of people, and I enjoy it,” Brett Balicki (11) said.

There were other ways to help with the Blood Drive beside donating blood, including volunteering.

“I work at one of the many stations the donors have to go through before donating blood. I just have them write their name down, what time they got here, if they have an appointment or not and their appointment time. After that they’re given a number to wait to give blood. I enjoy volunteering because it’s another way to help out the cause,” Elizabeth Stefaniak (12) said.