Q&A: Sarah Hermanek (10)


Sarah Hermanek (10) stands in front of a project board in her AP Biology classroom. Hermanek is interested in many fields of science, including genetic engineering.

Elena Gorney, Author

Q: When did you start becoming interested in science?

A: “It was actually in eighth grade.  My teacher was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, was passionate about [science], and made it fun.  That’s really what got me into it.”

Q: What about science interests you?

A: “I find it fascinating.  It can explain things for me.  I tend to have a lot of questions, and it answers them.”

Q: What is your favorite field of science?

A: “I really like biotechnology, DNA manipulation and microbiology, or biochemistry.”

Q: Do you want to go into any of those fields as a career?

A: “Yes, I do.  I want to be a genetic engineer.”

Q: How is science olympiad affecting your interest in science?

A: “It helps to give a more in-depth perception of science.  It teaches me more than some classes might.  Certain events are about DNA manipulation, so it helps me see what I’ll be getting into.”

Q: What is DNA manipulation?
A: “For example, you can take certain parts of the DNA of people with genetic disorders and change [the parts] to help [the people with genetic disorders].  Even if someone wanted their child to be taller than they are, they could eventually do that.”