Slicing the Slicers


Samuel Barnhart (10) delivers a pitch. Barnhart pitched six innings.

Cami Wallace, Author

In a DAC match-up, JV baseball beat the LaPorte Slicers 9-2 on April 28.

Bradley Loden (10) hit a triple, while Colton Rydleski (10) and Christopher Fundich (10) each hit a double.

“It felt really good [to hit a double] off the bat, and I hit in another run. It felt good to help the team get a bigger lead,” Rydleski said.

In order to pull in a few runs, some players had to make adjustments against the pitcher.

“[During] my first at-bat, I swung at a pitch over my hands. Knowing that he had good location, I had to know to be smart to look for a pitch. If he makes a mistake and throws me a strike, I need to capitalize on that. At my second at-bat, I did. I hit one right down the line. That was my triple,” Bradley Loden (10) said.

The Indians overcame an early lead against the Slicers, which propelled them to victory.

“Our coach says to always have focus and energy to keep us in the game and to have fun. That’s what we did and just stayed calm,” Rydleski said.

The next game is at home against Chesterton at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 30.