Testing season


Nina Decker (10) studies in the library. Decker was not taking an AP class this year, but she is planning to take one next year.

Emily Badger, Author

April showers bring May flowers, but the arrival of May also means that finals, SATs, and AP tests are in bloom.

“AP classes and tests prepare students for college. The nice thing about them is that if a student scores high enough to pass, they can save money by getting free college credit,” Mr. Bryan Szalonek, Social Studies, said.

Though taking AP tests can be beneficial in the long run, some students who are taking multiple AP classes find it difficult to balance studying for the tests.

“I’m taking two AP history classes, so [the content] gets mixed up in my head, and that makes studying a bit difficult. It’s hard to keep all the information straight since I’m studying similar topics. It’s a lot of work,” Hailey Phelps (10) said.

To make AP tests even more challenging, it’s students’ job to make sure they are prepared.

“Teachers in the AP programs guide students, but it’s really on the student to make sure they are reading, asking questions and coming in for tutoring when they need it. Teachers give students what they need [to pass the test], but students need to keep along with the pace of the class in order to succeed,” Mr. Szalonek said.

Information for AP tests may be difficult for students to absorb, but in the end, it will help their success grow.

“It’s stressful to prepare for AP tests, but if I pass, it’ll be worth it,” Phelps said.