Swinging to victory


The Lady Indians and the LaPorte Slicers shake hands after a close game. The Lady Indians secured the victory with a final score of 5-0.

Sarah Bredar, Author

On Tuesday, April 28, the varsity softball team faced the LaPorte Slicers on the brand-new home field. Despite the chilling temperature, the Lady Indians secured a victory of 5-0 by the seventh inning.

“We did a really nice job. [LaPorte is] a team that’s gotten better the last couple weeks, and after a slow start, I thought we did a really good job. Our pitcher [Annabel Karberg (12)] did a really great job of making adjustments when, mechanically, things weren’t going very well for her,” Mr. Jeff Sherman, Math, said.

The game may have gotten a slow start, but both teams really picked up the pace by the third and fourth innings. In the third inning, the Lady Indians gained a substantial lead over the LaPorte Slicers with players like Crystal Guzman (10) and Paige Carter (11) adding to the scoreboard.

“We did really well. Annabel was pitching [and] she did really good. [We did well] hitting in the middle of the game. We picked up on it and did it really well,” Haylee Sherlund (11) said.

This victory only adds to the success of the team so far, with the DAC championship and the post-season championship coming approaching in the near future. The next home game for the Lady Indians will be on Thursday, April 30, versus Chesterton High School.