Promposal panic


Every year students plan their “promposals” for their friends or significant others. This year, some students went all-out to get their dates’ attention.

Cat Cearing, Author

With Prom just a little over a week away, many students have already found ways to ask their significant others to the dance. Some go to great lengths, like jumping out of planes and making scavenger hunts to get a “yes”, others stick to something more on the sentimental side.

“I highly recommend doing a promposal to your date. I think that a promposal should involve something that your date really enjoys or relate to. It depends on how you are going to ask your date to Prom to decide if the promposal should be personal or a big production,” William Kruzan (10) said.

Many promgoers find a cute saying or inside joke to get inspiration for the “promposal,” then buy stuffed animals, make baked goods, create a poster, sing a song or set up balloons and streamers to make the event complete.

“[My boyfriend gave me a bag,] and there was a teapot in it, and it was supposed to symbolize from ‘The Office’, like Jim and Pam, and Jim put a bunch of inside jokes inside of it and his picture, so my boyfriend got me the teapot and put his third grade picture in it and a pig and a guitar pick because he plays guitar and cute stuff like that,” Demitra Adams (12) said.

Going out of your way to make a statement is not the only way to please a potential date, though. Some students believe in going back to basics.
“You can still do something simple. [Whoever you’re asking] is still going to love it anyway. Don’t go overboard if you don’t need to. A lot of guys get nervous about asking a girl, but really girls just want candy and pizza and some cute little pun,” Adams said.