Q&A: Stephanie Spigolon (11)


Stephanie Spigolon(11) serves to the opposing team. She played for varsity this past year and in the off season for school she plays on Ignite Elite.

Courtney Kreykes, Author

Q: What team do you play for?
A: [I play for] ignite volleyball club I am on the 17’s top team.

Q: What position do you play?
A: I am the setter [for my team]. As the setter, you are the quarterback of the court. [My role is to] lead the offense, tell everyone what to run and run the plays.

Q:Where are your qualifiers for nationals and where is nationals?
A: They are all over, some are local like an hour away, and some are in Minnesota. We went to the MEQ in Indy this year, and we did really well. We came in fifth place out of 100 teams, but we did not end up winning it.

Q:Where is Nationals?
A: Nationals is in June and we are going to New Orleans [and the tournament] will last 5 days.

Q: What is the team’s goal, and what is your personal goal?
A: [The] team’s goal is to win it, play hard and play how we know. [Also not to] sink down to anyone’s level if their [level of play is not as good as ours], have fun and be disciplined [on the court]. My personal goal is to do the best for my team. I am really hoping we get in top three or five. We are a very talented team, and I really think we could win it, but we have to be very disciplined and have to want it.

Q: What inspired you to play?
A: I have been playing since fifth grade and I do not know what inspired me. I played every sport, [and] I liked softball and volleyball a lot, but I ended up choosing volleyball because it’s really fun to me.