“Grey’s Anatomy” shocks fans with unexpected twist


Dr. Derek Shepherd, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, listens to a patient talk. “Grey’s Anatomy” first premiered in 2005.

Joey Pavell, Author

Last Thursday, April 23, fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” were given the shock of a lifetime when the beloved Dr. Derek Shepherd was killed off.

“I thought the fans were cheated because not only was he killed off rather too abruptly, but the promo foreshadowed it, so it wasn’t even a big shock,” Niji Shah (11) said.

Dr. Shepherd, otherwise known by his nickname “McDreamy,” has been a main character on the show since its premiere in 2005. The show greatly revolved around him and his fellow colleague and wife, Meredith Grey.

Throughout the show’s 11 seasons, Derek and Meredith have struggled to maintain their relationship, all while tackling their jobs as surgeons. The television-power couple has two children: Zola and Derek Bailey.

The two-hour long special that aired on April 30 provided closure for fans, following Meredith and the other doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital after Derek’s sudden exit. Fans were also surprised with the birth of Derek and Meredith’s third child, Ellis.

“This episode was not constructed well at all because [Dr. Shepherd] was absent for a majority of season 11, and he came back for a day and was killed. It just seemed like a quick way to end his contract so Patrick Dempsey could move on with his life. It was McStupid,” Shah said.

A plethora of fans have petitioned the show and its creator, Shonda Rhimes. They feel as if Dr. Shepherd was wrongfully killed off, and many are going as far to say they will cease to continue following the series.

“I will probably still watch the show, but with much less enthusiasm and more hatred because all [of] my favorite characters are gone except [Dr. Miranda Bailey], [and] she barely has any main parts anymore,” Shah said.

The next episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” will air on May 7 at 7 p.m. on ABC.