Unfinished business


Anna Wachowski (10) serves the ball to her Munster opponent. The matches were not concluded due to a lack of sunlight to last during the prolonged matches.

Emma Ritchie, Author

Varsity girls tennis ran out of sunlight during their game on Wednesday April 29. The team battled against Munster until the matches were put on hold.

“It was bad [leaving the games unfinished] because we lost the last two games we were playing, and I could not see the ball. I was kind of mad, but it was like, ‘Hey at least you get to stop, think everything through and start again,’” Navneet Kaur (12) said.

Going into a match can strike some nerves, but Kristina Tinsley (10) was confident before going into Wednesday’s game.

“There’s no nerves on me because I’m still a sophomore, so [when] playing the bigger opponents like Munster and Chesterton, who are committed athletes, there is no pressure on me because I have two more years. I’m just going easy and relaxing or [trying] to,” Tinsley said.

The match will be continued on a later date.