Q&A: Jay Chopra (11)


Cami Wallace, Author

Q: What was your event at BPA Nationals?

A: [My event was] Advanced Word Processing.

Q: Describe what you did in your event.

A: It was using all aspects of [Miscrosoft] Word to format documents and make documents.

Q: How did it feel to win first?

A: It felt good. It was pretty surprising, because I didn’t think I was going to get first. I didn’t really prepare for my event. I kinda went in there and winged it.

Q:How did it compare to the State event?

A: It was about the same. It was kind of harder. They threw new stuff in, so I had to think what to do on the spot.

Q: You also were chosen to be the District 1 President. What do you have to do?

A: I have to make scrapbooks and newsletters for the district. I have to be in charge of the district competition for BPA. I have to go to Indianapolis once every other month to meet with the other presidents to decide what we’re going to do for State and how to get more members in BPA.

Q: What did you have to do to get the position?

A: I had to interview with two of the people who worked with Indiana, the district coordinator and the main president of BPA. I had to talk to them and send in my application and they had to decide if they wanted me or not.

Q: What ideas do you have as District President?

A: I’ll try and campaign at LC to make more people do it by up selling the good points of BPA.