See ya later, tailgater


A few of the senior girls gather around a “SENIORS RULE” sign for a picture. The sign, made by Jennifer Mohamed (12), was hung between two car doors because the students could not find duct tape.

Hannah Reed, Author

On Monday, May 18, some senior students managed to wake up and be at school by 5:30 a.m., and it was not for a study group. After plotting their senior prank and spreading the word, the seniors met in the teacher’s back parking lot that morning. Students parked their cars in a circle to block off a few of the teachers parking spots and held a tailgate in the middle.

“I didn’t park in the back because I was not trying to move my car afterwards,” Nicholas Kiepura (12) said.

The tailgate was well-planned, and included a “SENIORS RULE” banner, the making of waffles, bean-bag toss and speakers for music. At around 6:30 a.m. it was requested that students move to free the parking spots, and after complying, the tailgate continued on in the front parking lot.

“My favorite part was when the cops came and told us to turn down the music. I thought we were [going to] get arrested, but they were cool [about it],” Kiepura said.