Step up in the college world with Tiffany Tao (12)


Tiffany Tao (12) is attending MIT starting August 2015. Tao applied in November during early action to the Massachusetts university and got accepted in December.

Veronica Davis, Author

Q: How long have you wanted to go to MIT?

A: I applied to a week-long summer program at MIT last year, and I think that’s when I wanted to get into that school.

Q: How have you prepared yourself prior to applying to MIT?

A: [I prepared myself] by taking the summer program at MIT last summer. Over the summer, they gave us a choice of classes to take, and I took a class on underwater robotics. I don’t think it’s something I will pursue, but it was helpful for making my decision on going to the school.

Q: What did you study at the summer program at MIT?
A: There were classes like electronics, which dealt with coding and other things like aero and astro engineering, but I chose to do robotics where we created the robots underwater in the MIT pool. I just wanted to try it because I had no idea about robotics prior to the program.

Q: How did you react when you got accepted into MIT?

A: I was really excited. I was very shocked because I didn’t think I would make it.

Q: Is applying early to college the way to go?

A: I’m glad I applied early because I found out in December, so I didn’t have to apply to any other colleges after that. Early action is November 1, and I found out December 13, so that was nice.

Q: What are your plans when you get to college?

A: I’m thinking about [majoring in] chemical engineering. I’m taking computer science right now in high school and that has helped decide that I don’t want to major in that at MIT. High school classes are helping me make my decision.

Q: What requirements were in place to get accepted into MIT?

A: Every applicant has to take the ACT and SAT, two SAT subject tests, along with two essays I had to turn in. I also turned in a 3D Art portfolio, and that wasn’t mandatory, but I wanted to submit that to MIT.