Q&A: Tara Zlotkowski (12) and Gina Rubino (12)


Gina Rubino(12) and Tara Zlotkowski(12) hold the 4A Sectional Championship trophy. Rubino and Zlotkowski made plans to continue their basketball careers together at Indiana University Northwest. Photo by: James Lafakis (12)

Jessica McCullough, Author

Q: What made you decide to play basketball in college?

A (Zlotkowski): I think going for free and knowing I’d still get to be with Gina Rubino (12) helped and continuing to do what I love to do.

A (Rubino): I knew that I was staying home my first year no matter what, so my options to go to school were either Indiana University Northwest or Purdue [Calumet].  When both coaches showed interest, it made me realize I could still play basketball, get college paid for and still go to the schools I was considering. I’m very excited.

Q: Where are you playing?

A (Zlotkowski): Indiana University Northwest

A (Rubino): Indiana University Northwest

Q: What are your hopes for your freshman season?

A (Zlotkowski): I hope to improve my game a lot and to be beneficial for the team.

A (Rubino): I hope to have a great season with this new team and just have fun doing it. I also hope that I can earn myself some playing time for every game.

Q: Why IUN?

A (Zlotkowski): I had to choose between Purdue Calumet and IUN, and I liked the program better at IUN than at Purdue Cal.

A (Rubino): I felt the coach at IUN was a better fit for me, and the atmosphere on campus seemed more welcoming.