Celebrating Indian culture


The girls of the HUM group take to the stage during the HUM group performance. Payal Bhatt (10) was on the far left.

Emily Rey, Author

Schools from all over the region have students involved in HUM. HUM means “us” in Hindi, and it is a group of kids celebrating the Indian culture.

“HUM is great because we get to meet other Indians in the area, become friends with them and interact with them to help the community” Jay Chopra (11) said.

Many people wear formal Indian attire to HUM and get henna while there. It is a way for people from all races to celebrate the culture.

“I wanted to wear the traditional clothes because I wanted to respect and celebrate the Indian culture,” Edward Halbe (11) said.

The kids a part of HUM do not only celebrate their culture, but they also volunteer in the community. This year, they took donations to give aid to the people affected by the Nepal earthquakes.

“Volunteering is my favorite part of HUM, which strives to help the community,” Chopra said.

This celebration is annual and is a fun, insightful way to unwind after AP tests.