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Q&A: Emma Hupp (12)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly was performed on Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16, and then again during Matrix 2 on Monday, May 18. All of the proceeds from the play were given to the History Club. Photo by: Madeline Conley (12)

Q: What is I Never Saw Another Butterfly about?

A: The play follows a girl who is in Terezin, which is a concentration camp during World War II, and all of her family [and friends] around her are sent away to the death camps. It really focuses on the children and the impact that they made through their drawings and writing.

Q: What was your role in the play?

A: I was Jewish Child number 2.

Q: How long did you prepare for the production?

A: We prepared for the play for about two months, and we practiced every Wednesday for three hours.

Q: What did you like about participating in the play?

A: I liked it because it was something different than I had done before. It’s a new experience, [because] I’m used to just doing dance basically, so it was something totally different. I met a lot of really cool people.

Q: Have you been in a play prior to this one?

A: I did freshmen shows, but that was the only play I’ve been in.

Q: How did this show compare?

A: It was very similar [to the freshmen show I did], because they were both student-directed, so I was used to that kind of environment when doing theatre. There were more people in the freshmen shows, so it was more close-knit then.

Q: Did the play still run as smoothly as it should, even though it was completely run by students?

A: I think that Sarah Colby [(12)], the director, did an absolutely remarkable job for [someone] having the limited time and resources that she did have. I think she did just as well, if not better, than any adult could have in directing the show.

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