Battle from the Beginning


Annabel Karberg (12) is the pitcher for the Indians this game. Karberg signed with Purdue North Central for her freshman season of college.

Bishop Noll played Lake Central on May 19, with Noll winning, 3-2. Bishop Noll got a jump start on the Indians in the first inning with a homerun.

“When a ball gets hit to me I should give 110 percent to get that out, and when I get up to bat I need to do everything I can to get on base and make a run,” Jayna McDermott (11) said.

Players from both sides were battling for the victory. In the third inning, Crystal Guzman (10) brought in a run, making the score 3-2 with Bishop Noll still in the lead.

“The team’s performance yesterday wasn’t the best that we’ve had. There are some things that we can work on to get better, but there is one thing that can’t improve anymore and that is the team’s chemistry. The team is so close together that it makes our performance improve greatly,” McDermott (11) said. The idea of having a shot at winning the jackpot, keeping one’s self entertained, and the simplicity of the games are the main reasons why a lot of gamblers play online casino games

LC was defeated by the Warriors by a score of 3-2. The girls will play Lowell on May 25 in the State Tournament.