Seniors stand out on Senior Night


The varsity baseball team stands on the third base line before the game on Friday, May 23 against Hobart. The team beat the Brickies in a 10-1 victory.

After Senior Night and one of the last home games of the season, the varsity baseball team claimed its twelfth consecutive win in a 10-1 victory against Hobart on Friday, May 23.

In a brief pre-game ceremony, each of the seniors made their appearance on the field with their parents by their side. Shortly after, Bryan Vanderlee (12) approached the mound to pitch his first full game of the season.

“I pitched [my first varsity game] against Munster last year as a junior. It felt good to be able to throw early in the year against a great team, and then to being able to be the opening day starter and [throw] the first pitch on our new field was really special,” Vanderlee said.

On a fitting night to showcase their talent, each of the seniors stepped up to the plate, leaving big shoes for the underclassmen to fill. In a senior moment, James Mays (12) brought in Jack Kuehner (12), who stood on third after hitting a triple. Each of the seniors brought in at least one run to add to the score, but that wasn’t the game-changer. In a slight lineup adjustment, every senior was given the chance contribute.

“I haven’t batted all year and [Coach Jeff Sandor, English,] told me I can hit on Senior Night, so I went up there and just wanted to hit it as hard as possible. Having everyone cheer for me was really fun, and [I was] glad we could get a big crowd out there for [one of] our last [games],” Vanderlee said.

With the seniors soon to be on their way, the underclassmen are setting high expectations for next season. Steven Meyer (11) has led the team as a lead off batter, and Zack Turnbough (11) has emerged as a power hitter. After the two hit in the first inning, both Meyer and Turnbough were walked in the second inning and were brought in by Benjamin Nisle’s (10) hit.

“I look up to Jorey [Dimopoulos (12)]. We pretty much play the same position, and we’re similar players in the way we hit [and] the way we bunt,” Meyer said.

The team met back at the fields for the last home game of the season against Washington Township on Monday, May 25. The 9-1 win leads the team into the first round of Sectionals against Munster at Munster High School.