Golf Tournament


Golfers from various schools walk to par 6. Many golfers said this was the hardest hole.

Jacki Hoffman

The annual golf tournament took place on May 23. Many golfers thought the tournament was an overall great experience.

“The tournament this weekend was great, and well-run. It was an overall great tournament,” Nicholas Good (11) said.

Although the players thought the tournament was fun they also thought it was competitive. The golfers also thought they had a really good experience to preview this competition.

“There was a really good turnout on teams, really competitive, and top teams in the state. It was a really good preview for our sectional that is held on the same course with relatively the same teams,” Good (11) said.

The stress levels were high within the golfers because of their coaches absence. The players felt that the other teams understood their predicament really well.

“Every team had respect for us because our coach couldn’t make it because he had a baby, and we had a lot of respect for the crown point coach for stepping up and coaching us,” said Reid Dahlkamp.

Last year Lake Central won the tournament. Many of the players felt they needed to defend this title.

“[Winning last year] really motivated us pretty well, we really needed to win this one, but we couldn’t pull it off,” said Tyler Copak (10).

Most of the golfers had some sort of motivation to succeed in the tournament other than the last years win. Everyone had different reasons, some were family oriented.

“I wasn’t on the team last year, but what motivated me was that my brothers a senior and that was probably one of the last times I’m going to play with him and I wanted to make it special,” Reid Dahlkamp (9) said.

Even though they didn’t win the tournament many players thought they played individually well.

“I golfed relatively well, I got off to a rough start but I finished strong and I brought it back after I switched mind-sets,” Good (11) said.

The individual effort payed off. Golfers felt the whole team competed well under certain circumstances.

“We placed in fourth overall, which was pretty good because there was about fifteen teams,” Jordan Lykowski (10) said.