Ceasing Commencement


Logan Lambert (‘15) waves to his family while walking across the stage. The Star Plaza was filled with friends and family of the senior class.

Olivia Oster, Author

On May 28, Lake Central’s graduating class of 2015, took their final steps as high school students. When they stepped foot onto the stage, many different emotions were felt.

“As I walked across the stage, I felt like I was dying. My childhood is over. Although it was heartbreaking, I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life,” Monica Almeida (‘15) said.

Lake Central graduates have big plans for their future.

“Now that I have graduated, I plan to attend the University of Missouri for journalism,” Hannah Bryner (‘15) said.

Graduating high school send different emotions through everyone. No one likes change, but the class of 2015 knows that a lot of change is coming their way.

“I am glad to leave the four years of highschool behind me, however I will miss most of the people I met along the way. I feel that I gained some really great friends that I hope to have in my life for for a very long time, and I have also dropped the people out of my life that were holding me back. I had really good experiences that helped me grow as a person. I am glad to be moving on to bigger and better things,” Jessica Vrbanoff (‘15) said.