Bright Smiles and Goodbyes


Students shift in their seats while waiting for their picture to be taken. The senior class of 2015 had to meet in the gym to discuss the commencement ceremony later that evening.

Emily Lisac, Author

On Thurs. May 28, the graduating seniors strut into the school in caps, gowns and picture perfect smiles. The students lined up to take their class picture and received information about the commencement ceremony from Mr. Sean Begley. Some seniors become nervous and thrilled before the ceremony, but others find the process to be tedious.

β€œI am not that excited for commencement since there are so many kids and it is just a formality,” Rachel Jensen (12) said.

While waiting for commencement, students are filled with an array of emotions. Some are sad to be leaving their friends and family, but others have a more positive outlook on leaving high school behind.

β€œIt is really exciting to graduate, but a little sad because I have spent the last four years in this school and most of my life with all of these people and leaving worries me. But it is exciting to start this new chapter of my life,” Jensen said.