Summer sideshow


The ferris wheel seats sit empty. This classicl amusement ride made many rotations throughout the fest.

Shannon Hearne, Author

Every year, various events and activities bring summer fun to the tri-town area through the Dyer Fest. Following previous years, the summer fest was held in Pheasant Hills Park from June 4 to June 7 with many Lake County citizens awaiting its arrival.

“I can’t wait until the fest comes around because I love walking around with my friends, going on cool rides, listening to the band and watching the fireworks,” Jovana Dodevska (12) said.

The smell of deep-fried foods filled the air on June 4. The first day brought carnival rides, midway games and many food vendors to the area. Entertainment for the evening was given by the MuddSharks, who played songs from the late 70s such as “Boogie Shoes” by KC and The Sunshine Band.

“I think [the band] is pretty good. They have played some good music [so far]. I listen to some of the music myself. They have played so many good songs I can’t even remember [which was my favorite]. I am just going group to group having a good time,” Peter Katsiris (12) said.

June 5 differed slightly from the first day of the fest by introducing a new form of entertainment. The Nick Danger Band came out to perform a variety of music. However, each of the three days provided a wide selection of carnival rides for thrill-seeking attendees.

“My favorite ride is Freak Out because it makes me freak out, and it goes really high. The Pharaoh will always be one of my favorites though because of its speed,” Amie Goulet (12) said.

A special event came to the tri-town area Saturday, June 6. The Dyer Fire Department’s 100th Anniversary Parade processed from the corner of 77th and Hart Street to Pheasant Hills Park at noon. Alexander VanCuren was one of the many volunteer firefighters who participated in the parade.

“The fire department was founded in 1915, and the parade is to commemorate the 100 years of service. We tried to have a firetruck from every decade in the parade and have around 100 total [to symbolize the 100 years],” VanCuren said.

Heavy rain fell on Sunday, June 7. Due to the inclimate weather, the last day of the fest was cancelled.