Color Run sprints its way to Chicago


At the finish line, four inflatable arches stand marking the end of the race. The Color Run was nicknamed “The Happiest 5K on the Planet.”

Jessica Wojton

Hundreds of runners gathered in Chicago Sunday, June 7, to participate in the annual Color Run. This was the fourth consecutive year it was held in Chicago.

“I participate in [The Color Run] just for the fun of it. Being able to get all messy and colorful and the DJ at the end makes it a lot of fun,” Sarah Combis (11) said.

Contestants who actually ran the race began at 7:45 a.m., while people who preferred to walk started at 8:30 a.m.

“I ran for the most of [the race] because I wanted to get to the colors faster. I actually didn’t get tired because I wasn’t concentrating on my breath or anything. I was just having fun,” Ashley Sarsfield (11) said.

The run lasted around an hour with a new colored dye thrown on the contestants about every 10 minutes, depending on how fast they ran. The colors included pink, orange, blue, yellow and silver, a color that was introduced this year.

“[The color dye] made me really feel like I was actually a part of the run. It made me feel really cool. The rain didn’t make it any better. It made the dye clump and stick to your skin. Other than that, I loved it,” Sarsfield said.

At the finish line, participants were given medals to signify their achievements and a few colored dye packets to throw in the air at the concert that was performed afterward.

“At the end of the run there’s a big party. There’s a DJ, and they throw a bunch of free stuff into the crowd. Every couple of minutes, they have a color throw. It’s a lot of fun and my favorite part of the entire run,” Combis said.

The Color Run will be back in Chicago for a special Color Run Night September 5, featuring new glow-in-the-dark colored dye, glowing special edition tees and black light headlamps.