Explosive celebration


Colorful fireworks dance through the sky as the finale unfolds. This year’s firework show at Rohrman Park was as successful as it has been in years past.

Emily Badger, Author

On Friday, July 3, friends and families gathered at Rohrman Park in Schererville to witness the town’s annual firework show.  Community events such as this give students a chance to reconnect with their peers, all while enjoying the patriotic fun.

“This is only my second time attending [the firework show,] but I like how you can see everybody you haven’t seen since school ended,”  Abigail Betancourt (11) said.

The festivities began at 7 p.m. and included entertainment such as karaoke, bounce houses and food stands.  The wide range of activities helped beat summer boredom before the main event, the fireworks.

“[Going to the firework show] is just something fun and festive to do.  Summer has been pretty boring so [doing] anything to be around people is nice,” Paige Kotecki (10) said.

By dusk the festivities boiled down and the street lights dimmed.  Finally, the fireworks were launched and illuminated the night sky.

“What I like most about the fireworks display is how it’s never the same, and you never know what to expect,” Jillian Cloghessy (11) said.

When the show ended, audience members were not disappointed.
“I think of [attending the firework show] as a tradition for me and my family and friends.  It’s just a fun place to be, and there’s so much positive energy,” Cloghessy said.