Indiana Online Academy prepares students for future


Frances Kornelik (11) enjoys the nice day, while taking an online test. Kornelik took an online class over the summer to make room for other classes in her schedule.

Ruth Chen, Author

Over the summer, students enrolled in an online class could ditch taking a class in a classic classroom setting for the comfort of their own home. Both problems and benefits arose from choosing to take a summer program.

“I like the fact that I have the freedom to do my work whenever I want, so if I have a busy day, then I can sit down late at night and [get] my work done. The next night that I am available to do the work, I can just look [online] and see all my [assignments] graded. At the same time, I don’t like that freedom [of doing my work whenever I want], because I procrastinate [my assignments],” Victoria Ross (11) said.

Being enrolled in an online class allows students to choose their preferred working environment.

“I made a point of doing my summer work only at the library, so that way I wouldn’t be distracted by other things at my house,” Hannah Souronis (11) said.

Online classes are not more individualized than a traditional class. Both online and traditional classes fit an individual’s needs in their own way.

“With an online class you have easier contact with your teacher and it is more at your own pace. With a regular class, you can ask more questions and talk face to face with your teacher,” Frances Kornelik (11) said.

Whether or not the cost of receiving credit  is worth sacrificing part of summer vacation is up for the student to decide.

“I think [taking an online class] was worth it, because it was an easy way for me to get a required credit out of the way. [Now] I can open up more room in my schedule for more classes that I want to take,” Kornelik said.

Students interested in enrolling in an online classes can go to for more details.