Rushing for Freshman Rush


Caleb Beasley (11) leads Grace Richardson (9) and Gunnar Richardson (11) around the new school. Because of all of the construction, tour guides showed students around.

Cami Wallace, Author

Before school starts on August 12, students, mainly freshmen, were invited to tour the school. The annual day is nicknamed “Freshman Rush.”

“Freshman Rush is where everyone gets to go look around and get a feel of the school and the clubs and the lockers and the classes,” Ashley Robinson (9) said.

Students were introduced to the different clubs offered.

“I found out [about the] clubs, my locker [and] my bus. I’m interested in international club, [which is] a new culture club,” Taylor Robinson (9) said.

Different clubs and organizations took advantage of the exposure Freshman Rush gave them.

“I’m trying to pass out information for National Honor Society even though students can’t join until eleventh grade so that maybe coming into high school they’ll know what will be expected of them when they are ready to join,” Ms. Rhonda York, English, said.

Students were allowed to ask questions to solve any confusion they might have had.

“[Freshman Rush is] big. It’s all new because of the [North] wing and so forth. We’re just trying to keep up because there are a ton of questions. There are questions we don’t necessarily have answers for because not [everything] is open yet. We’re just trying to make do with what we can,” Mr. Ed Beck, Assistant Principal, said.