Working the summer away


Vivian Pham, 20, wipes down tables during her summer job as an associate at Yogurtland in Huntington Beach, Calif. A second-year student at Golden West College, she didn’t work during high school as her mom encouraged her to focus on her studies and sports during school instead of working. (Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/MCT)

Tabitha Pappas, Author

Summer is a fun time to do things with friends; however some students still have jobs. Summer jobs keep students busy and let them have some spending money for the activities they enjoy.

Ryan Leatherman (11) recently obtained a position at Jelly Pancake House in Dyer. He has found many advantages to this job.

“The biggest perk of the job is all the money I’ve made,” Leatherman said.

Outdoor work, like landscaping and lawn care, is an example of the type of work students participate in throughout summer. Others may find simple maintenance opportunities with local businesses or miscellaneous outdoor programs. Office jobs are ideal for the summer with air conditioning and regular hours. If they turn out well, the students can keep the job throughout the school year and continue to work part-time.

“I’ll keep [my job] during the school year, but I’ll only work on Sundays. [This way] I’ll still have a job for next summer, ” Leatherman said.

Jobs teach social skills to young adults no matter how long they are employed. Jobs also help teenagers gain independence, so why not have a little routine and extra cash over the summer?

“I learned how to act in real world situations, not just what happens in school. After getting a job I’ve started tipping waiters and waitresses more and gained more respect for the people who work at restaurants,” Leatherman said.