St. Michael’s Fun Fest


Ellie Chandos (11) and a fellow church member sell raffle tickets to fest-goers in the crowd. First prize for the raffle was $50,000.

Sofia Hay, Author

People gathered in the parking lot of St. Michael Parish in Schererville on Friday, Aug. 7, and Saturday, Aug. 8 for the annual St. Michael Parish Fun Fest . From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., people of all ages could enjoy food, live entertainment, games, a raffle and more.

“I helped sell raffle tickets for the ‘Mega Raffle.’ If [someone] bought a ticket and won, they had a chance to get put into another raffle that would have money prizes,” Ellie Chandos (11) said.

Chandos and other members of St. Michael’s youth group, Radiate, volunteered to help with various things around the fun fest. The fest is put on by St. Michael Parish every year to raise money for the church and to provide a chance for people to come together and enjoy what it has to offer.

“At church they announced that they needed some extra help with the games, so I volunteered. I love volunteering, and my favorite part was seeing the little kids get excited to pick out their prizes.  One boy was jumping up and down because he got a jump rope,” Lauren Gronek (11) said.

Aside from members of the church going to help out, some had other reasons to attend the fest.

“A couple of my friends were talking about going [to the fest] so I decided to go with. The dancing was the best part because so many people were just having a fun time,” Maja Vidovic (11) said.