Lake County Fair in full swing


The Lake County Fair’s Ferris wheel spins attendees around behind an entrance to the carnival area. The lights from the wheel and other fair rides lit up the evening sky.

Elena Gorney, Author

On Aug. 10, the Lake County Fair, held Aug. 7-16 at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, was in full swing.  

“[The Lake County Fair] is better than most fairs I’ve been to because there are a lot of things to do,” McKenna Strayer (10) said.  

The fair offers an extensive amount of activities, shows and displays including carnival rides, live bands, art displays and animal shows.  

“I saw the last 10 minutes of one of the horse shows.  It was a smaller division.  I wish I could’ve seen the pigs or the pie eating contest,”  Ashlee Turnbough (11) said.  

Fairs are known for their food, and the Lake County Fair has a wide range of vendors.  Food stands and trucks are scattered throughout the fair, selling ice cream, elephant ears, hotdogs and other fast foods.  

“The Lake County Fair has two times the amount of food vendors than any other fest [I’ve been to].  Some things are overpriced, but they’re worth it.  I had fried Oreos and a hotdog, and they were very tasty,”  Turnbough said.  

The Lake County fair, established by the Lake County Agricultural Society, has taken place every summer since 1852. It will continue to bring entertainment to the people of Lake County for years to come.  
“This was my second year going [to the fair].  I will definitely go in the future because of all the activities and the size of the fair itself,”  Turnbough said.