New parking amenities for 2015-16 school year


The red parking lot is filled with the cars of students. Senior and junior students had the option of picking between the green, red and blue lot when they registered for a parking pass. Photo by: Joey Pavell

Joey Pavell, Author

Instead of the main parking lot that Lake Central students are used to, the school is now equipped with three parking zones: Red Lot, Blue Lot and Green Lot.

“I used to park at [Zig-E’s], and I love parking at the high school now. It is much more convenient for me to park at Lake Central,” Jessica Jarach (12) said.  

With the amount of students who now park at the high school, congestion has been an issue. Over 1,000 spots fill the three parking areas, which can lead to some students sitting in the parking lot for an extended period of time.

“The parking congestion is horrible, especially since it is the beginning of the year. It is a real inconvenience when you need to be somewhere before [3 p.m.]. It is also a gas waster. For example, I filled up my tank the Tuesday [before school started] and I am already at a half tank just from waiting to get out of the parking lot,” Jarach said.

Unlike previous years, parking is no longer restricted to seniors. Once seniors registered for their spots, juniors were given the opportunity to receive a spot too. Although a plethora of students drive to school, those who do not have their license or do not have a car resort to other forms of transportation, such as carpooling or taking the bus.

“There was a lot of people on the bus, and it was super overcrowded with more than two people to a seat, so I had to go on a different bus. I was sort of annoyed because there were so many people on the bus, and I didn’t get a seat. When I was on the other bus, it was pretty cool because it wasn’t so loud,” Lexi Popko (9) said.