Dual Credit deadline approaching


Students like those in this Chemistry class can participate on an everyday basis. Students have been given the opportunity to get college credit for any of 24 classes offered with no additional work if they register for Dual Credit. Photo by: Tori Wilkes

Emily Rey, Author

Many students know that Advanced Placement classes give them the opportunity for college credit, but there is another possibility. Many classes offer Dual Credit, or transferable college credit that is available in high school.

“The benefits of doing Dual Credit is that you are getting college credit [for] a cheaper cost and with a high school teacher opposed to a university professor,” Mr. Marty Freeman, Principal, said.

Although many AP classes also offer college credit, dual credit classes are organized differently. 

“Dual Credit and AP are two different things. With Dual Credit courses, those are actually courses that we make an agreement with the university. They look at our curriculum and they say ‘OK, what you are teaching in that class is equivalent to what we would teach here,’ so whatever high school class grade they earn is the college grade that they earn,” Mr. Freeman said.  

Registration for Dual Credit ends Thursday, August 20, so sign up before then to ensure you receive college credit.

If you need any more information, visit this page: http://lake-central.lcsc.us/userfiles/file/Dual%20Credit/Dual%20Credit%20Presentation%20(Parent%20Meeting)%202015.pdf  or contact Mr. Freeman at [email protected]