Academic achievements attract Athletic Director


Mr. Chris Enyeart is Lake Central’s new Athletic Director. Prior to LC, Mr. Enyeart spent seven years at North Newton, serving as a varsity basketball coach, Athletic Director, math teacher and principal.

Cassidy Niewiadomski, Author

The excitement of gaining premier athletic facilities can be quick to overshadow Lake Central’s academic achievements; however, for Mr. Chris Enyeart the many scholastic opportunities that students are offered brought him to apply for his position as the Athletic Director.

“Me and my wife were looking for a place to grow as a family. I was looking for a place to go and work as a career job. [I’ve watched] the growth and expansion of the school [and] athletic facilities, so when I saw the post here, [I thought] ‘I’m going to take a chance and see where we go.’ I did a lot of background on the academics side. [I looked at] all of the opportunities that the students here have to pretty much get whatever training they want to go into college or join the workforce and be prepared to be successful. That appealed to me and my wife a lot,” Mr. Enyeart said.

Prior to Lake Central, Mr. Enyeart spent seven years at North Newton serving as a varsity basketball coach, Athletic Director, math teacher and most recently principal of the high school.

“It’s been a steep adjustment, coming from a school of [Grades] 7-12 [with] 650 kids to here, [where] it’s 3,303. I think is what we were at the other day. Working with everybody and all the people that have pitched in or wanted to help has been great. Everybody that I’ve met so far is very excited about everything we have going on, so right now it’s just making sure we keep rolling,” Mr. Enyeart said.

Just as Mr. Enyeart has been welcomed by the helping hands of the administration and office staff, he has similar goals to help students graduate from the athletic program with skills to succeed.

“The biggest thing is coming in and being a part of a team, getting all the coaches and getting all the administration on the same page. We want to push the core values that Lake Central High School has developed. I believe that athletics goes a long way for many students to give them the full experience and help them keep their heads focused, so they can go to college and be successful,” Mr. Enyeart said.