Tough loss against the Mustangs


Talia Gruthusen (9) spikes the ball over the net. The game against Michigan City started at 5 p.m.

Hanna Lutz, Author

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, the freshman girls volleyball team competed against the Munster Mustangs. The Indians lost both of two sets leaving their record, so far in the season, to  2-1.

“Going into the game we were all really nervous and intimidated because Munster is a big rival of LC, and we just wanted to win because it was on our home court,” Ashley Robinson (9) said.

The girls had doubts about the game and their teamwork skills. The team sees improvements that need to be made and plans on working on them at practices.

“I think we need to stop being individual players and work together more. We were falling apart,” Emily Gaines (9) said.

Even though the girls had doubts, they were proud of their performance.

“I think we did all right. We could’ve played better, but we gave Munster a good fight,” Taylor Robinson (9) said. “Last night we were just messing up on fundamentals like serving and passing, so if we just make sure that we lock those down then we can defeat Munster.”