Eva Kimberly (12) takes on LCTV as Executive Director


Eva Kimberly (12) sets up the studio to film the daily announcements. Kimberly has participated in LCTV since her junior year.

Jodie Hodges, Author

Eva Kimberly (12) is going into her second year of LCTV, but this year she holds a more important role: executive director. Being executive director comes with the expectation of hard work, but Kimberly is excited to take it on.

“I love being executive director. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, but a lot of rewards as well. As executive director I have to basically oversee everything and make sure everyone is on track and that things are running smoothly. I lead the staff meetings at the beginning of class, and I produce every episode of TribeTV, so there’s a lot of pressure to make everything perfect. Being executive director takes a lot of time and dedication outside of class, so I make sure to manage my time between my schoolwork, job and LCTV so that everything can get done,” Kimberly said.

With an abundance of new members, Kimberly is hopeful this year will be a good year for LCTV.
“I’m excited for this year to see what kinds of products we turn out because we have a lot of new staff members, so it’s interesting working with them and seeing everyone’s creative insights. My favorite part of LCTV is just being able to make a product that you’re really proud of and showcase that to the whole school. It can be challenging because the whole school does watch TribeTV so if you mess up, they know, but that just makes me strive to work harder,” Kimberly said.