Underclassmen lead Lake Central to victory against Munster


The varsity boys soccer team lines up for player introductions before their game against the Munster Mustangs. The Indians won with a final score of 4-3.

Stefan Krajisnik

The boys varsity soccer team won its fourth straight game after defeating the Munster Mustangs 4-3 on Aug. 31, with the help of two goals by Michael Bikos (10) and one goal by Cole Rainwater (9).

“Our two young attacking players [are] a freshman and a sophomore, which usually isn’t a combination for success at this level, but these two guys are fantastic. It’s exciting to think that they’re going to be together for three more years, so it’s going to be something to build on in the future,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Vocational, said.

The Indians took a strong 3-0 lead heading into halftime, while dominating all aspects of the game.

“I thought [Diego Ruiz (10)] and [Miguel Palacios (12)], our outside backs, were fantastic all day.  [Ben Klebs (12)] and [Josh Dulski (11)] did their job as center backs and organizing everything, so defensively, I was extremely happy,” Coach Rainwater said.

This was the first time the teams have faced off since the Indians took a crushing 1-0 defeat in last season’s regional semifinal, which motivated the Indians even more.

“There was a lot of motivation. This is a rival team. We just needed to finish off our goals, and it’s a good thing we beat them,” Bikos said.  

The Indians will play next at Portage on Wednesday, Sept. 2.