JV soccer falls to Munster


Daniel Dodig (11) is being aggressive to win the ball. He wanted to take control of the game and put his team in the right direction.

Emily Mannino, Author

The JV boys soccer team suffered a tough loss against the Munster Mustangs on Monday, Aug. 31. They put up a strong fight, but the Mustangs ended up victorious with a score of 3-0.

“We definitely didn’t play 100 percent today. We tried our best, but this wasn’t one of our best games,” Maxwell Hill (10) said.  

In the first half, the boys were trying to stay positive despite the fact that the Mustangs had already scored two goals. They put up a strong defense against the rival team.  

“On defense, Nicholas Shell (10) helped control when things got a little messy. He was usually able to carry it up,” Mohammed Hijaz (11) said.  

In the second half they faced even more challenges. Both Adam Santiago (9) and Michael Zubeck (11) were injured.  

“I couldn’t play because my calves cramped up. I [had] to stretch and drink more water and gatorade,” Michael Zubeck (11) said.

Near the end of the game, the Mustangs scored another goal. This made the final score 3-0.  

“Overall I think Munster wanted the game more than us. We did OK, but there were key things we could’ve done better on. We were a bit out of shape and a bit tired,” Hijaz said.  

The next game is against Portage on Wednesday, Sept. 9. The boys are going to work hard at practice to bring home a win.

“I think we need to get the Munster game out of our heads and we need to focus on what’s up next. We need to play well, find passes and hopefully put some balls in the back of the net,” Nathan Thomas (9) said.