Siblings say Goodbye


Samantha Copeland (‘15) and Joseph Copeland (10) stand in front of Indiana University. On Aug. 16, the two siblings had to say goodbye as Samantha started her first year at Indiana University Bloomington. Photo submitted by: Joylynn Copeland.

Morgyn McAllister

Although leaving for college is generally an exciting time it can leave many siblings with mixed feelings. Joseph Copeland (10) and Ashley Todd’s (10) older sisters recently headed off to college down at Indiana University Bloomington.

“Not getting able to see her every day is the hardest part,” Copeland said. “She saved me some of her old school work, and I get her Jeep.”

While materialistic items are definitely one of the pros, cons are brought alongside the departure of an older sibling.

“She did leave some clothes that I like behind, so now I can wear them without her knowing. It’s just my dad and I in the house, so it’s a lot quieter. Knowing that I don’t have that girl bond in the house anymore and that person to talk to [is the hardest part about her leaving],” Todd said.

Copeland’s sister is a direct admit to the business school. She plans on earning a business degree with a minor in Spanish.

Todd’s sister’s plan is to major in Biology with a pre-med focus.