Girls varsity soccer dominates Portage


Sienna Pinskey (12) defends the ball as she kicks it down the court. Pinskey scored the first three goals, a play known as a “hat trick.”

Liz Bustamante, Author

Tuesday, Sept. 1 was a victorious day for the varsity girls soccer team, defeating Portage with a score of 5-0. Throughout the game the girls stayed strong and steadfast, never letting Portage score a goal.  

“I think we did pretty well. We’ve been playing a lot of back-to-back games. It’s really awesome how well we played together and how well we moved the ball up and down the field, even though we have been so exhausted,” Meghan Teumer (11) said.

 In the first half of the game, Sienna Pinskey (12) made an outstanding play, putting Lake Central in the lead immediately.  

“Sienna definitely stood out because she had a hat trick, so she had the first three goals right away in the first half. I think she got everyone going after she did the hat trick, because I think in the second half everyone really stuck to their game. I know I definitely did,” Clare Majchrowicz (12) said.  

The girls used specific tactics to help with the success of the game.  

“One of the things our coach has been telling us to do is called ‘the pass of death,’ and it’s passing the ball right across the six in front of the goal. That’s the best way to get a goal, so then someone can run up on it and score off of it.  That’s something the coach is really big on, and that’s something Sienna does really well,” Teumer said.